- Please read all requirements. -
- No limits on number of users or caps on bandwidth -

Wireless (WiFi) Signal

For dependable service you need us to install equipment at your location (see below)..


Service is limited to a specific location. The SSID will be secure (locked) and start with mvWiFi-. Once you connect a device to that access point and enter the security key you will never have to do it for that device again. There is no further log in required. You need a two-piece installation (indoor and outdoor) for service. All plans are available up to 50mb/s. Our service works with VoIP phone service, cell extenders, streaming devices, solar panel reporting, etc. Service plans with speeds of 50 mb/s or above can be used with multiple locations connected together as one account.

Discount Services

We offer a 5% senior discount on all annual plans for residents 65 years or older. We provide free Basic Internet to any year round household with school age children who meet the requirements for free or reduced prices school lunches. Once payment is made your account will be created and you will be given information on how to renew. You may renew your service anytime using the portal on our website. If you need us to renew it for you we will charge a $10 processing fee. Monthly payment on annual plans is available for those on a limited budget. For more information on Discount Services use our secure Contact Us form.

Internet Plans (Require Registration1)
Current Plans
Plan | Avg Speed
N/A N/A N/A $449.00 Basic | 03 mb/s
N/A N/A $573.00 $734.00 Streaming | Up to 15 mb/s
N/A N/A $699.00 $999.00 Family | 25 mb/s
N/A $166.00 $910.00 $1499.00 Business | 50 mb/s

Local access point are required to obtain full speed for plan. All plans may not be available in all areas. Prices subject to change without notice.

Changing Plans

A customer may move up to a higher level of service at any point on any plan by paying the pro-rated difference in the cost of the new plan. A customer may only down-grade to a lower plan on or after the date their existing plan expires.


Equipment installation must be scheduled and although you do not need to be present, we will need access to the inside of your home. Installation costs are a one-time charge ranging from $149 to $499 depending on the plan selected and location (most 2-unit installs average $299). We perform a free site survey and quote your install cost without any commitment. If your location requires more access points installed inside after the initial installation for greater wireless coverage, they can be installed at any time for $129 each. There are no monthly rental fees, we only charge for installation and removal. All installations are subject to our End User License Agreement (EULA).

There is no charge for the equipment as we maintain ownership of it. We monitor all equipment to make sure it is functioning correctly. Accounts that have our equipment installed and are less than annual are subject to a re-programming charge if powered down for longer than 30 days.

Free Service

Free 2mb/s fixed service is available for any home on Chappy that has a school aged child living there year round if they are enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program at school.. Installation charges may still apply. Free service is available to the general public at the Chappy store, IBWS golf course, Chappy fire station, Chappy Community Center, and any TTOR gatehouse.

1 Registration
Signing up for service from our website is a two-step process. You must create your account, then log back into it and pay for your service before it will be active. If you need help just Contact Us.

3 High Bandwidth Plans
These plans may require installation costs above the standard rates and may require a multi-year committment. For a custom quote Contact Us.